The Features You’ll Love

Here’s some pretty cool stuff that just might make you want to use a Buttonwood eStore.
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Signup screenshotTakes second to get started

You'll be selling online is less than five minutes. All you need is your logo, a few email addresses and Buttonwood does the rest.

Cutting Edge Professional Looking Website

Now your website will have a professional modern look and we'll keep it up to date for you so you're always be on the cutting edge of the latest online design trends.

The Best Products From The Biggest Suppliers

The top suppliers in the industry are launching new products all the time. We're always working to make sure those products are featured front and center on your website.

A Weekly Email To Your Customers

Every week Buttonwood sends an email with the newest and hottest deals to your clients. The email looks like it came from you and it sends your clients back to your website. You decide who gets it and you can always unsubscribe someone if you like.

Unlimited Company Stores

That's right... Unlimited! No extra charges or hidden setup fees. Create a company store for every client for no extra charge.




A website your clients can actually order from

Buttonwood has the most sophisticated product configuration technology in the world. We've patented the process and we process the highest number of online orders of any eCommerce solution in the industry.

Helpdesk Support

We want you to succeed so we have a great system to help you get the answers you need. You send us an email with your problem and we'll get back to you in about two hours with an answer.

Fort Knox Security

Buttonwood has the most sophisticated security in the industry. We stop hackers dead in their tracks!



You’re in good company

Many of the biggest and fastest growing promotional product companies use Buttonwood. Make the choice that the industry leaders make and start selling online today.

No Long Term Contracts

Buttonwood wants you to be happy and successful. If you feel like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence then we want to make sure that fence has a gate!

Order Management

Keep track of all your orders in one place and give your clients the online order tracking experience they're looking for.

Custom Reports

Run reports and export them to excel so you can use your online data however you like.

Supplier Integration

Product data comes directly from many of the top suppliers. Since the suppliers controls the data and keeps it up to date you always have the most accurate information available.

Quickbooks Integration

Export your data into QuickBooks with a click of a button. Keep all you orders synced up between your various systems.


Add to Facebook and Twitter

Post a product on Facebook or send a link to one on twitter with a click of a button. Keep your wall and your tweets fresh and full of hot new products.

Virtual Logo on Any Product

Add the ability to have any logo automatically appear on any product. The logo changes color on dark products and you can choose a different logo placement depending on the image or color of the product.

Set your own pricing on any product

You control the pricing on your products. Just add you markup and you're done. You can control the pricing on a product, category, supplier and store basis. Each suppliers sets their pricing relationship with you so if get end quantity pricing or other special pricing then thats the price you use when you add your markup.

Sales Tax and Shipping

Set your sales tax rates using zip codes or states. Shipping can be adjusted based on the value of the order or you can integrate with UPS and use the weights of the product to calculate exact freight. Add a markup to shipping or a discount if the order in over a certain value.

Two Supplier Orders

When you sell a shirt online from a supplier like SanMar you can add your favorite decorator in a matter of minutes. Now you can send the order to SanMar and your decorator at the same time and at the exact price you decide with just a click of a button.

Credit Card integration with Website Payments Pro

Integrate with website payments pro, PayPal's world class credit card processing solution that helps protect you from fraud and keeps your discount rates competitive.