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…is finding useful shortcuts with the simplest things.

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Organic search and site traffic

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A Google search on “Promotional Products” return these 10 results (after the jump) in the organic (or non paid) category.

I’ve put the unique visitor results from

Promotional Products as ART

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I was at the The Armory Show (huge international modern art fair) last Sunday and I was struck by how often modern art and promotional products overlapped.

The best example of this is from Reid Seifer and his Project Optimism.

What should a client be doing on your website?

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Easy answer…buy a promotional product!

Company Stores and Inventory

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Five quick rules for making money on the web when it comes to company stores and inventory:

1) Decorated inventory is bad

It’s just that simple.

Lessons learned by Jason Black in 2009

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Jason Black from Boundless Network shares his observations on what NOT to do in 2010.

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