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This is the incredible animated short made up entirely of corporate logos which won the Oscar this year. The plot follows two Michelin tire guys who pursue a terrorist Ronald McDonald. It’s outstanding.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler – Human Music on Vimeo.

Cool Ad From IBM

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Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

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Custom Is Everything…Make It My Own!

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Chris Brogan explores how social media and customized products are interacting.

Money quote:

One of the areas where social media will excel is in the opportunity to make things our own, to give them our own look and feel. Remember when you got your first personal computer? Remember changing the background picture? Remember when you could change the theme? The world is pushing further and further into a desire for customization, and I think social media gives us a chance at custom communication/interaction.

The new new thing…

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ChatRoulette is the

Where does creativity come from? Not schools!

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I hated school….school taught me that the definition of being wrong was not following rules. School taught me that you can’t do anything new – just do what someone else has already done. The better you could imitate the existing idea the more frequently you would be rewarded. Of course I only wanted to do something new…and so I was frequently punished!

I have a suspicion that our industry attracts a lot of people who like to create and who don’t like rules.