Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions.

Does Buttonwood really give you unlimited stores for $99/month?

Yes. You can create as many stores as you like, anytime you like and for as long as you like. There are no setup fees, no extra charges and no surprises.

Can I add as many products as I want to the store?

Yes. You can add as many products as you like to your stores for no extra fees.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can use any domain name you like and that name will show up in the address bar when you go to your website. You can even use multiple domain names.

Can I accept credit cards?

Yes. You can accept credit cards online. When a buyer uses a credit card you can log in to your manager account and access the credit card number along with the order confirmation.

You can integrate with PayPal (PayPal will charge you for this) or simply retype the credit card number into your current credit card processing solution.

Can my customer upload their own logo?

Yes. Your customer can upload their logo when they place an order. The logo is kept with the order as well as in the customers art library.

Can I use my own embroiderer and silk screener?

Yes. You can set up your own embroiderer and silk screener and have your decoration orders go to them when a client orders an item from a supplier who does not decorate such as SanMar.

What support do I receive?

Buttonwood offers email support. This means that you email us your question using the helpdesk tool on the your manager homepage. If we can’t answer your question quickly we’ll schedule a time to help you figure out what’s not working. We try and answer all helpdesk issues within 24 hours but we usually get to you much faster. Email support lets us research your problem and make sure we give you the most complete and accurate answer possible.

Can I choose the suppliers I want to use in each store?

Yes. You have total control over which products and which suppliers

Can I upload images I have for a product?

Yes. You can use any image you like for products in your stores.


Does integration into QuickBooks really mean I don’t have to re-enter the order in twice?

Yes. You can import your orders into QuickBooks which means that you don’t have to retype your orders.

Do I need to be a technical person to use Buttonwood?

Not really. It’s helps to have some experience with buying online and other normal Internet activities but you don’t need any fancy technical skills.

Can I show my customer a site tomorrow?

Maybe. It’s always possible to work miracles but if you give yourselves a few days to get used to your Buttonwood eStore you’ll be a lot more relaxed during your sales presentation.

Can I make my sites look different?

Yes. You can customize your sites as much as you like with our design tool. It lets you choose colors, add links and upload your own graphics.

How often can I change products?

You can change products as often as you like, whenever you like and for no extra charge.

Who updates your information?

Suppliers update product data on Buttonwood themselves. This way we give you the most accurate and up to date information in the industry.

What does the email marketing campaign look like?

It looks amazing! Put your email in here are we’ll send you a copy of a recent email marketing campaign.

Enter Email:


We’ll send you more marketing emails as they become available. Don’t worry you can unsubscribe anytime. (default is checked)

Can I make my own category names?

Yes. You can add your own categories and sub categories and put whichever products you like in those categories.

Can I have some sites password protected?

Yes. You can password protect some sites and not others. It’s up to you which site you want accessible by anyone.

Does the order really get sent to the supplier?

The order gets sent to the supplier when you click the “Accept” button. Many of the larger suppliers offer order status and other updates through Buttonwood.

Can I really access my Buttonwood account from any computer? Even in prison?

You really can. If you end up stuck somewhere (hopefully not prison!) all you need is Internet access and you’ll be back in business selling promotional products online.

Can you do a training session for me with my wife and dog both making lots of noise in the background?

Sure but we’d rather not. We’re pretty flexible with how we work together but we’d like you give us your full attention when we’re teaching you how to use your Buttonwood eStore.

Will I be number #1 in the search engines?

Maybe one day but not right away. Search Engine Optimization takes time and effort. We’re always looking for new and effective ways to help our clients improve their organic search ranking on the major search engines.

Can I set my own margin on my sites?

You bet! You can choose to use the supplier suggested sell price or set your own markup on each store.

Why does my client need a password? Why do I need one as a distributor?

We keep important information like addresses, order history and even credit card numbers in shoppers accounts. Passwords help keep that information secure and protected.

Does my client’s logo show up on the products?

Many of the products on Buttonwood have been enabled with our virtual logo technology. You can always enable your own products with virtual logo whenever you like.

How often are you “down”?

Almost Never! We’d like to say we’re perfect but stuff happens. We have some very fancy monitoring technology that can help us predict online attacks and other issues that might compromise our systems. We’re on call 24 hours a day making sure that we’re up and ready to keep you selling online.

What if I only can sell two colors of a shirt?

You can edit products to only display the information you want your clients to see. Limit colors, sizes and decoration options and edit product descriptions.

What if my client wants logo A on shirt one and Logo B on shirt two only?

Yes you can do this. Buttonwood has lots of fancy tricks for helping you do exactly what your client wants.

Can I have a store set up for a specific time ex. Football season?

Yes. You can turn a store on and off as often as you like.

Do I have to have stock to have a company store?

Not always. You can offer minimum quantities of certain items and work with some suppliers who can produce single quantities.

How do I know when an order comes in through the store/website?

Easy! You receive an email the instant the order is placed on your website. The email contains all the important information about the order.

Can I send reports to customers?

Yes. You can send sales and activity reports to customers. You can also export reports into Excel and edit, sort and format them however you like.

How do I set up a link?

It’s easy. You take the website address from the address bar of your browser and copy and paste it into the program where you are creating the link from.

What if my decoration costs go up?

No problem! You can change your decoration cost information on your Buttonwood eStore whenever you like.

Can I collect sales tax?

Yes. You can set sales tax rates by state and zip code.

Can I put a product in two categories on a store?

Yes. You can merchandise your stores however you like.

How many custom pages can I have?

As many as you like. However, at some point things start to look silly if you have too many!

Will you make sure I know what I am talking about when I am explaining the store to my customer?

Of course! Buttonwood is so easy you’ll sound like an eCommerce expert when you talk to your clients.

I want the client to see products I have selected to his store and also be able to search for other items as well. Is this possible?

It sure is! You can show your client a set range of products you have selected especially for them as well as let them search the entire database.

How many managers can I have on my account? Can they access the site at the same time?

You can have as many managers as you like and they can all log in at the same time. Remember all managers can see all the information in the site so you may not want to share your site with everyone at your company.

I’m tired of writing orders and invoicing at 11pm at night. Will this bring me the efficiency I need so I don’t have to work so late anymore?

Buttonwood cares about helping you make more money! We can’t promise you won’t ever have to work late again, but the Buttonwood eStore does make it easier to keep track of orders and stay on top of all the little details that can make a long day even longer.

I need to make getting an order for 12 shirts take less of my time. Will this help me?

With a Buttonwood eStore, an order for 12 shirts will take a click of a button! You’ll be amazed how your clients can buy online and how much time you will save.

Can my daughter in Georgia help me with the site while I am working here in Florida?

She sure can! Since the Buttonwood eStore is an online solution you and anyone you choose can access the system day and night from anywhere in the world.

I have been looking for a system like this for awhile – where have you been?

We’ve been around for over five years. Buttonwood started by offering enterprise solutions to the larger companies in the industry. The Buttonwood eStore is a simplified and less expensive version of our patented technology that supports some of the biggest names in the industry.

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