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When you have a big challenging project in the promotional products industry Buttonwood can help.

A Buttonwood Trading Station™ keeps you competitive and your larger customers happy with with the most sophisticated technology in the promotional products industry.


Working with the Fortune 500

Larger clients and fortune 500 companies have sophisticated requirements for doing business. Buttonwood can help you meet those requirements and help you better manage your technology relationship with your larger clients.

Buttonwood is the most sophisticated company store technology in the promotional products industry.

Interfacing with Procurement Systems

Buttonwood can integrate your clients promotional products buying with procurement solutions like Ariba, SAP and Oracle.

Inventoried and non inventoried merchandise

Mix items you keep in inventory with promotional products you order just in time from suppliers. Your customers won't know the difference and you'll reduce your inventory levels dramatically.


Your clients can run customized reports for live up to the minute insight into their promotional products programs.

Credit cards, cost centers, Gift Cards and P-cards

Accept multiple forms of payments from your client to fit with their promotional products purchasing requirements.

Points / Rewards

Offer points and rewards to help drive the sale of promotional products from the various parts of your clients business

Marketing opportunities

Create emails and promotions to help increase sales of promotional products across your clients procurement platform.

Approval process

Enable an approvals system to protect you and your client from unauthorized promotional product purchasing. Now everyone can feel more secure.

Link to other suppliers

Take control of the procurement process and link to other suppliers with complementary products.

Strategic eCommerce Initiatives

Larger distributors and suppliers have more complicated promotional products technology requirements. Buttonwood can help you meet those objectives.

Company Stores and Corporate Programs

Integrate multiple corporate programs and company stores with back office systems, key customers and suppliers.

Corporate eCommerce Site

Turn your corporate website into a revenue generating promotional products ecommerce site.

Order Management Solutions

A Buttonwood Trading Station facilitates procurement of promotional products and brings together multiple suppliers and customers in an integrated online community.

Buttonwood Group helps companies exchange complicated promotional product pricing, specification, order and tracking information between their suppliers and their customers.

Transitioning from a world of faxes and phone calls to a streamlined order management solution creates better visibility, increases margins and improves customer service.

Start the engine on your value network

A Buttonwood Trading Station links customers and suppliers across a common

promotional products platform to provide complete order processing, content management and configuration, demand planning and order tracking integration across several tiers of an organizations outsourced value network.

Put yourself in the drivers seat

A Buttonwood Trading Station is an integrated online system of tools for information management, back office integration, marketing, product management, order flow and customer self service.




Run your business in real time

A Buttonwood Trading Station enables seamless customer service, deep visibility into order flow forecasting and real time cost control.

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