The Best Way To Give Advice

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…is to offer information! (one of my favorite blogs BTW) has some good advice for giving advice. This come from a recent psychology study which states:

For one thing, when someone makes a recommendation for or against a particular option, a decision maker may feel like they have lost a bit of their independence in making a choice. Recommendations about how to go about making the choice may also make a decision maker feel a loss of independence. When the advice comes in the form of information, though, the decision maker still feels like they have some autonomy.

So the next time you feel like giving advice remember that information is more powerful that instruction!

New eStore Site Design Launches

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We know you’re incredibly busy running your day to day business and don’t

eCommerce Growth…

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4Imprint Increases Q1 Revenues 20%.

The North American division ranks as the fifth-largest distributor in the ad specialty industry after reporting 2009 revenues of $165 million.

How many other top 40 distributors experienced 20% growth in Q1?

Fashion Signals = Fashionomics

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Tyler Cowen is one of the most interesting people

REWORK – A Must Read…

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So this new book from the founders of 37signals is

Dangerous Ideas

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Here’s one of those talks that can change your view of the world forever. Starting with the deceptively simple story of an ant,

What should a client be doing on your website?

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Easy answer…buy a promotional product!

The Top 150 Marketing Blogs

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Check out the AdAge Top 150 Marketing blogs.

Company Stores and Inventory

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Five quick rules for making money on the web when it comes to company stores and inventory:

1) Decorated inventory is bad

It’s just that simple.

Ever wondered how Google works?

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