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Social media Guru Dana Zezzo from ProTowelsetc teams up with the tech wizards from Buttonwood to create PostHelper and bring Promotional Products to social media.

With PostHelper, distributors find suggested posts on hot deals, cool stories and fresh successes and

How To Have Good Ideas

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John Cleese shares his wisdom on writing, creativity, getting in the zone, and interruptions. Find your blind’s hard!

Read the directions…but don’t follow them!

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Some wonderful advice for all of us. (Thanks Zach!)

Learn How To Improve Local Search Rankings

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When you

Best Marketing Advice I’ve Read In A While

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I’ve summarized the 7 below…read the full thing here.

1. Keep your eye on the ball

Social Media Is Communication Not Broadcast

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Social media is a chance for you to engage in a dialog with your customers.

The Spectrum of Online Friendship

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This is an

Most distributor websites have no traffic.

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Here’s an interesting graph.

SEO for Small Business

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I’m often asked for my opinion and advice on search engine

Media File = Yellow Pages

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I read a blog post last week about how the Media File was flying off the shelves…Huh? Who still uses the Media File?