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Social media Guru Dana Zezzo from ProTowelsetc teams up with the tech wizards from Buttonwood to create PostHelper and bring Promotional Products to social media.

With PostHelper, distributors find suggested posts on hot deals, cool stories and fresh successes and

Buttonwood Announces PostHelper

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Dana Zezzo from Pro Towels helped us build a REALLY cool Facebook App.

Check out the Press Release and go play with it on the Pro Towels Facebook Page.

BTW – Facebook is all messed up today!

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

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On the web we learn from the best and the whole world gets better.

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We launched our new email marketing campaign today…simple and to the point!

Another Facebook First

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Today we launched custom WebStores for Facebook profile pages.

This means that a company, team, group or

How To Have Good Ideas

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John Cleese shares his wisdom on writing, creativity, getting in the zone, and interruptions. Find your blind’s hard!

Too Many Choices

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In the promotional products

Chasing Butterflies

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This video made me think about how I spend my days.

Do I get distracted by the butterfly or do I focus on the fish?

Better Workplace Communication

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We all

Read the directions…but don’t follow them!

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Some wonderful advice for all of us. (Thanks Zach!)