Buttonwood Group helps companies create custom promotional products websites so that every company, organization, group and institution in the world can buy promotional products online.

Buttonwood Technology Group L.L.C. began on a family vacation in 1998. Lynne Verchere, a talented software entrepreneur, listened carefully as her son David, a successful promotional products distributor described his vision of the future.

“The Web will never replace the distributor. They’re the creative engine that makes the industry work. What we need is something like a stock exchange that allows suppliers and distributors to use the power of the internet to work together.”

Over the next few years they patented their idea and created Buttonwood.

Buttonwood takes its name from one of the great events in American business history. In 1792, twenty-four stockbrokers met under a Buttonwood tree in lower Manhattan to sign the Buttonwood Agreement, which later became the New York Stock Exchange. Like the stock exchange connects brokers and dealers, Buttonwood connects suppliers and distributors across an industry specific ecommerce and order management platform.

Despite early fears that the Internet would replace the distributor, the industry now has more distributors today than ever before. Many of the most respected names in the industry use Buttonwood. Currently, Buttonwood processes more than ten thousand orders every day across our patented exchange.

From a single idea that combined tradition with innovation, Buttonwood has become the Promotional Products industry standard for eCommerce and Order Management solutions.